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Mother’s “DAY”?

9 May

Make every day "Mother's Day"

Mother’s Day can be a very touchy subject for some. I think that the greeting card, floral and jewelry industries has us feeling that we need something from a store in order to feel appreciated and loved and when we don’t get those items we feel unloved and unappreciated. Some feel that Mother’s Day just isn’t right if you don’t get your “mommy time”, as we all need and deserve on the regular basis not just one day. However, just like any other day it doesn’t necessarily work out that way just because it’s Mother’s Day. I did some reflection and this year I decided not to convince myself that because this day has been chosen to observe all that we as mother’s do, I can not expect my children to be perfectly well-behaved, traffic to part for me and everyone to skip down the street with laughter while I  listen to the birds chirp. Nice try right? Instead I decided to look at Mother’s “Day” from my reality glasses and enjoy my day for what it is…a day where people decide to take the time and “observe” and show appreciation for the mother’s in their lives and all they do year round.

Days before the observance of Mother’s Day my six-year-old son kept saying “mom I need to get my money out my bank so I can get you some roses.” I smiled and told him to save his money and he could draw me some roses. He was not happy with that idea at all. “No mom I need to buy you some roses from the store.” They even got to my six-year-old!  The friday before the observance he brought home a gift he made in school and was so excited to give it to me but I told him I would wait until the day of. All weekend my children were so excited for Mother’s day and were thinking of all kinds of things they could do and buy for me.

When the day finally came they came in my room and said Happy Mother’s Day, my son gave me my gift he made and they sang me a mother’s day song. My son then said “we have to go cook mommy breakfast” and I had to stop them in their tracks. Since they couldn’t cook breakfast, and my daughter was upset she didn’t have a gift to give me, they sat on the floor and made me, my mom, our aunt and whoever else came to mind a card. At that moment I wanted to do something  for them because I appreciated how much they wanted to show their appreciation.  This year I really had a chance to be okay with not getting  flowers, jewelry or a store-bought card and not being able to spend the day at a spa or in the house having “mommy time” but not having those items or opportunities doesn’t mean I’m less loved or appreciated than those who did. The few hours I spent away from my children I had a great lunch with my mom and sister and afterward I went to get a manicure.

Overall, I feel good about how my day was spent because franklyimamom, and as on the other 364 “Mother’s Day” days, I spent most of my day being one.

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