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Decisions Decisions

18 May

Finding an OB is a daunting task any time you have to do it. After asking around I decided to go with a recommendation to a practice at a local hospital. I called them when I tested positive with the home pregnancy test and I went in 10 weeks later and had my first ultrasound. I will never forget that image of the little tiny arms and legs flailing all around and after seeing that I was in love with my little pookie!

Unfortunately for me my nausea continued for the next four months! No, I didn’t have “morning” sickness, I had ALL DAY sickness and not even that kept me from gaining. I was eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before and I even had my mom make oatmeal cookies from scratch. I didn’t understand what was happening.

With all that was happening with my body changes and sickness, the biggest blow I got was when I went in to get the results of my AFP + QUAD tests, they were positive and that meant my baby could have Spina bifida or Down syndrome. This is devastating news for anyone to hear but as a 23 year old, first time mom I was just confused. I thought I was doing everything right: eating right, exercising, taking my vitamins and I was young! Over the next few weeks I had a few different ultrasounds, the only good thing about this was the extra pics, and they said the Doctor said the ultrasounds were inconclusive. The only other option to get more definitive results was  to do an amniocentesis. Once they told me the risks versus the benefits the decision was easy: I didn’t do it.