Take One for the Team

25 May

This week I decided to step into the present with my post because I had a very proud moment on Monday.

My children (ages 5 & 6) and I practically live in our car, if you look inside you would think we LITERALLY lived in there, so music is a must. When they were infants I had the Baby Mozart and Bach, and as they got a little older I got the Dora. Well as you all know kids will watch and listen to the same thing on repeat all day everyday. I tried listening to the radio and the music that is out right now just is NOT what I want my kids to repeat or imitate. So I decided to “take one for the team”! I could not take Dora anymore so I bought a set of 8 CDs that total to 200 songs, to give ME a little variety.

For about the last month we have been listening to one of the 8 cds pretty consistently,when I do have to take a break I now turn on a gospel station, and they now know most of the words to most of the songs. All of the songs are educational in some form. There are songs about vowel sounds, different species of reptiles, the planets and safety. Since we listen to them so much I started asking them questions about the songs: Is a lion a carnivore or herbivore? How many vowels are there? What are they? What do you do if you get lost in a store?

On Monday the latter was put to the test. We were in a store and my daughter kept lagging behind, despite my telling her to stay with me. Finally I walked over to the next aisle and stood there. First I heard her call me once. Then I slowly walked over so that I could see her but she couldn’t see me. She walked up to the front and she said to the cashier “Excuse me, I can’t find my mommy. Can you help me?” I walked over with a big smile on my face. The man who was checking out looked at me like I was crazy but I could only smile. He didn’t know that we have been listening to a song that told my children “when you get lost in a store do not walk around looking for your mom and dad. Go to a store clerk and tell them you can not find your mom and dad”. I have quizzed them and asked them to make sure they understood not to go to just anyone but to go to a register so that way they know for sure the person works there. I was ecstatic to know that it all sunk in!

So I say to all the moms, and dads, “take one for the team”  and keep talking to your kids! Kids do absorb what’s around them so try your best to make sure you are surrounding them with good, positive information. Also,  talk to them about what they hear and what they see so that you know they understand. Once you do this you can then, stand back and enjoy the fruits of your work!


One Response to “Take One for the Team”

  1. Andrea May 25, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    All of the above!!! Kids are definitely sponges. The more you expose them to and the more conversations you have with them you’ll open their minds to unlimited possibilities.

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